Helios Facial Oil Roller

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Helios Beauty Oil (in our portable .3oz|8mL roller bottle) is made for dry, mature, or sun damaged skin that is in need of effective and natural healing. 
Organic Rosehip oil, Bulgarian Rose Otto, Jasmine Sambac, and Neroli join forces to add suppleness, glow, and radiance. The oil can be layered under makeup for extra emollient protection. The roller bottle is perfect for travel and or for glowing touch-ups on the go. 



Nourishing Rosehip oil is revered for its anti-aging powers. This cold-pressed oil is known to protect skin from environmental stressors and increase skin cell turnover.

Bulgarian Rose Otto

This sweet, rich oil has been revered as one of the most precious and beautifying essential oils throughout history- it takes 60 roses to produce one drop of essential oil. Rose essential oil is renowned for its regenerative and inflammation fighting properties, and has been used through the centuries by kings and queens around the world.

Jasmine Sambac

With its heady, exotic aroma, Jasmine provides sensual protection and regeneration to skin. It is highly effective in reducing discoloration/ dark spots. 


Fresh, uplifting Neroli essential oil is steam distilled from orange blossoms. It is the only citrus based essential oil which does not increase skin's sensitivity to the sun, and is a potent ingredient for brightening and evening skin tone. Neroli essential oil not only promotes the generation of new cells but also boosts the health of existing skin cells. 


Luscious and moisturizing Squalane made from olives is a quick absorbing, deeply penetrating oil that leaves a feather-light finish on the skin. As we age, the Squalane naturally produced by our skin diminishes. As a result, skin appears dry and aged. Our elixir uses Squalane as our base oil, replenishing your stores of this youth-giving substance. Unlike many other partially saturated base oils widely used, this completely saturated oil is not susceptible to free radical attack, and will not cause a potentially aging effect on the skin. 

Vitamin E

A drop of plant-based Vitamin E oil is added to extend the freshness and potency of our elixirs.


Delicate flakes of 24 karat gold gently speak to the luminizing, healing properties of Helios. Used for centuries in luxurious skin treatments, gold particles absorbed into skin are believed to increase circulation and provide anti-aging benefits.


Cleanse face and roll oil onto fingertips. Use fingers to gently massage oil onto slightly wet skin. Helios beauty oil can be used both day and night for lightweight yet deeply penetrating moisture. 

*Separation of ingredients is natural because we do not use harmful chemical stabilizers. If this occurs, shake bottle gently before use.

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